Excerpt from “APRIL 25”

Published September 11, 2015

Gone to the Dogs – In Search of the Best Ballpark Hotdog by Tom Lohr

Excerpt from “APRIL 25”:

I had one more night in the SUV, one more swimming pool shower, and then an
early-morning climb of Camelback Mountain to catch a spectacular bird’s eye
view of Phoenix, and I was ready for some MLB action. The hiatus was over—
hardball that night.

Good things are worth waiting for, and I had a top-notch experience at Chase
Field. The Diamondbacks were one of the few MLB teams to answer my query
about their hot dog product, and that is how I met Matt Helmeid, director of special
projects and brand development. I have connected the dots thus far and found
that when a team has a product they are proud of, they are eager to show it off. Arizona
has a pretty impressive dog/ballpark combo to flaunt, and it was zombie
night at the stadium, which was weird and cool at the same time.