Excerpt from “APRIL 17”

Published August 30, 2015

Gone to the Dogs – In Search of the Best Ballpark Hotdog by Tom Lohr

Excerpt from “APRIL 17”:

There is nothing like a Texas League matchup on a drizzly Thursday night. I
fretted all day that the game might be called due to inclement weather, but
the rain held to a mist. At 7:00 p.m., the Frisco Rough Riders took on the Corpus
Christi Hooks at Dr. Pepper Ballpark.

I had wanted to visit this field since I read that it received several high accolades, including
Best Architectural Design and Best Sports and Entertainment Award (both in
2003). It is rated as a top AA venue and one of the better parks in all of the minor
leagues. Its design is said to model Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, though
what horse racing and baseball have to do with each other beats the hell out of me. It
also has a swimming pool in right field that can be rented while the game is being
played. It also beats the hell out of me why you would want to go swimming in a baseball
park instead of doing something like watching a baseball game. The grassy berm
where the cheap seats are is called San Juan Hill after the team’s Rough Riders moniker.
You know, Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders. No? Grab a history book.