Excerpt from “APRIL 16”

Published August 27, 2015

Gone to the Dogs – In Search of the Best Ballpark Hotdog by Tom Lohr

Excerpt from “APRIL 16”:

In an ideal world, I would see a baseball game every day on my road trip. Alas,
team schedules and time/space continuum linearity don’t always align. That left
me with days off during my pilgrimage. What does a hot dog explorer do when
not testing hot dogs in their natural habitats? I learned about how they are made
and marketed! I also shared part of my lunch in Huntsville State Park with a squirrel
I named Rocky. He loves almond butter, if you happen to see him.

The gods of processed meat blessed me. I was able to sit down with the movers and
shakers at Nolan Ryan Beef. Vice President of Operations Ken Henk, Director of
Foodservice Sales Chris Meighen, and Marketing and Communications Director
Nichole Francis were all kind enough to take time to discuss hot dogs, cattle, and
baseball with me.