Excerpt from “APRIL 15”

Published August 24, 2015

Gone to the Dogs – In Search of the Best Ballpark Hotdog by Tom Lohr

Excerpt from “APRIL 15”:

My next stop was Houston for an Astros game. Just north of Huntsville, Texas
(where the prison that conducts all of Texas’s executions is situated) was a
nice rest stop that I called home for the cold evening. I spent the following day in
the Heights area of Houston, which is just north of downtown and in a historic
district that sports large, old, Victorian-style homes along a tree-lined boulevard.
It was also home to my favorite independent coffee shop in all of the United States:
Waldo’s, which was an old bungalow-style home converted into a coffee shop. The
hodge-podge collection of overstuffed couches, chairs, tables, and desks, none of
which matched, made the perfect spot for spending an afternoon writing or reading,
but as life has so sorely taught all of us, change is imminent and you can never
go home again. Waldo’s closed down before I arrived for the Astros game and was
reopened under a forgettable name. The quirky furniture had been replaced by
something more “tasteful,” and the maze of rooms that reeked of old-school
ambiance had also been torn down to make more open space. In short, it looked
a little like Waldo’s but felt a lot different. I’ll miss you, Waldo’s.