Excerpt from “APRIL 14”

Published August 21, 2015

Gone to the Dogs – In Search of the Best Ballpark Hotdog by Tom Lohr

Excerpt from “APRIL 14”:

After a night of slumber at a rest stop between San Antonio and Dallas, I set
my sights back on Arlington, Texas, home of the MLB Texas Rangers. I had
been to the ballpark at Arlington, now unfortunately called Globe Life Park, several
times before. It was one of the first new parks built to purposely have a retro
look. Situated near Six Flags amusement park and the Dallas Cowboys’ humongous
stadium, it is part of the huge spread of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) entertainment

Before delving into my analysis of the Rangers’ ballpark, I suppose it is time to talk
about types of ballparks. Basically, Major League Baseball stadiums fall into a few
categories: Jewel box parks, multi-purpose parks, modern parks, indoor parks,
retractable-roof parks, retro-classic parks, retro-modern parks, and contemporary
parks. I’ll explain each as we visit them together. There are only one or two of a certain
types, while other types have numerous teams using that design. Arlington has
one of my favorite styles, the retro-classic style.